Exercise 108 – Amrita Singh

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  1. Hello Amrita,

    I think you did an especially good job on your featured image- it looks very convincing, and I really can’t seem to find any fault with it.

    The grassy meadow image is somewhat less convincing, but grass is really weird with respect to shadows versus concrete and pavement, and you did a really good job integrating the lady’s feet into the grass, so I think it’s pretty obvious you’ve got the hang of this.

    – Joe

  2. I like that in your featured image you make the women colored entirely darkened, which is because her whole figure is under the shadow of the building. I also think that her shadow’s color really fits well to the background.

  3. I like that in your featured image you make the lady a perfect match with the background. It seems that the woman took the picture locally

  4. Nice job on the masking! The lighting of the lady syncs up with the background nicely. For the wild life photo I do feel like the shadow is a bit to dark.

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