Exercise 108 – CMaxwell

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  1. Both shadows are extremely well edited! The shadow of the woman doing yoga looks like it was in the scene already. I like how the picture with the grass shows detail on the figures feet, like they’re really walking through the grass.

  2. I like both photos. The background photo choice was very nice. The shadow from the people on the first photo matched perfectly with the background shadow. The ballet dancer on the track is a clever combination. Love it.

  3. The shadow on the woman doing yoga is skewed so well I always have trouble getting it perfect, but you have it done so well. The grass texturing on her feet in the first image is very impressive as well.

  4. the first image is so perfect and well done, it doesn’t look like it was photoshopped. as well as the second image the shadow matches perfect. great choices.

  5. Hello! Your picture of the woman in the field looks extremely good! From her shadow, to her feet covered by the grass, it really looks like she’s in the photo!

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