Exercise 108. Elaine Eterosa

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  1. The child it seems is already in a shadow so he blends in nicely! However on your second edit, the shadow is not very realistic because it is supposed to bend onto the cement wall as you can see how the gate bends with it. I like the background you chose though!

  2. The child in the park scene is embedded very well! The cast of the shadow on the tree appears realistic, the color matches the other shadows!

  3. I like the image of the child in the park, I think that you did a great job with the shadow on the tree. For the second image the shadow I think has to go up the wall but other from that good job.

  4. I think the image with of the child in the park is really well done. The image of the child falls seamlessly into the background image. As well as the shadow on the tree, I believe is well suited.

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