Exercise 108-Fabricating Scenes in Photoshop

My comments about this lesson are: It was entertaining as well as challenging, specially to put grass on the landscape scene.

By SharonSharon on Twitter

Hi, I’m Sharon, and I am an Architectural Design student. Since little, I’ve enjoyed creating living spaces look great. After dedicating many years to raise my children, I decided to return to school. I am eager to learn about this wonderful career and make my family proud.

Comments (2)

  1. Hi Sharon. I like how your first image result. It convinced me that the landscape and the person were taken together at the same frame. I think the shadows are a little bit off for the second image, but you did a very good job for your first trial.

  2. This was my first time trying out these techniques and I also found it challenging! You made smart selections with the street and nature scenes matching a subject to those that feel like they could fit into that world. The nature scene was my favorite of the two images.

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