Exercise-108 Manuel Nunez-Ramirez

these are the two images that I edited in people, the first image I decided to make black and white because I thought it would look nice. it wasn't too much of a heavy edit, I just added the shadow, blurred both the shadow and the person at different levels to make them fit into the scene better. the second photo I was lucky enough to find a person who had similar lighting and colors to the background image. I flipped the background image since the person has letters on her shirt and I'm not gonna edit that, so flipping the background I added the shadow at what I thought was the correct angle, next I blurred and corrected the color of the shadow to match the scene that it landed on, I also increased the saturation on the background to make it pop more.

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  1. I have realized the the lighting of the person does not match the scenes lighting. when you looking on her right hand, you will easily realize that.

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