Exercise 108 – Payam Golestani


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  1. I like the picture of the cafeteria and the SSC building which I think is very amazing. I like how you combine the panorama view and also, I like how you took the photo with a very clear view.

  2. Good job for using you own pictures! I like how this picture kind of reminds me of those hot summer classes- mainly because the editing done was more towards the warm toning.

  3. I like the way you edit your photo. The used effect creates a warm and calm atmosphere like in the Autumn. It would be better if camera shifted to the right a little bit in order to have a balanced view. But your photo still looks very nice!

  4. I like that you used your own photos and good job editing the images together, but I think it would’ve looked better if you edited right photo to be darker so that it matches with other photos. But good job overall, keep up the good work!

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