Exercise 108 – Wesley Ihezue

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  1. Very nice choice of view. well done panoramic job. You could have crop the final job, but it is is interesting to see the raw version too.

  2. Look great and much like Payam said a simple crop could make the image much clearer. That aside, I can’t tell if did any post-processing and it could’ve helped to make the image much more dynamic.

  3. Your photograph has a strong sense of symmetry with the use of the fountain dividing the photo vertically and the edge of the pond dividing it horizontally. Overall great panoramic picture.

  4. This is very well stitched together! It looks as though it is entire one photo (in terms of the effects on each photo)

  5. I think you’ve done a good job editing the photos together, but the fountain right in the middle of the frame is a bit off for me. But everything else looks quite nice.

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