Exercise 108 – Zuza Petrushka

By Zuza

Industrial Designer, CCA Transfer student FA2020

Comments (4)

  1. I really liked the photo of the man outside the E.T. building here on campus. The shadow is really well done and looks real. He seems a bit large but I had my own troubles with scale so I’m thinking it’s a learning curve

  2. the photos look like they could really be there i just think that the proportions are off the people are to big. if you made them smaller it would be good.

  3. Good morning Zuza, your photo with the person pointing at the quad is good. The only thing I would suggest is that the brightness of the background and the person should be balance equally so the end result would be realistic. Overall good job

  4. i like the phot of the mand standing outside the building! very nice edition of you, but the second photo does not look very realistic honestly, you could make tyhe people smaller. but overall nice job!

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