Exercise 109 – Andrew Ahn

URL for Original : https://unsplash.com/photos/-Bq3TeSBRdE

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  1. I think how bold and straightforward the fonts feels, and their symmetrical orientation was definitely a good choice. The bold white box around the central text brings the focus forward, and keeps in centrally on the image. Great job!.

  2. I think the picture had given me a straightforward feeling so that I can directly see what is the picture about. And the symmetrical layout looks good. great job

  3. Your composition here is really cool. I love your font choice, it’s really interesting. The color choices here also help make the writing very legible against the dark background.

  4. Hello Andrew,

    I’m impressed with how well this album cover you’ve made really sells itself as a proper album cover. I could absolutely see it blending in with proper album covers, and I think that’s really excellent. The choice of background image, color, and font went a long way in making this believable. Good stuff!

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