Exercise 109 – Cecilia Ip

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/lZbRV_a4Yxg

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  1. It is a nice album cover. The color tone of the picture and the color of the letters add to the uniformity. It is also impressive that the width of the album is filled with characters. This really looks like a professional album jacket.

  2. I love the use of a cityscape as background! The colors of warm and cool make a nice, calm display. Really good job!

  3. Really good work! I agree the warm and cool colors do combine really well, making a good calm display. It is very eye catching.

  4. I like the color transformation from the light blue to the pink as you go down in the sky. This work has a clear focus, which is the tower in the middle. This focus helps viewers which part to look at.

  5. A really great job. I would like to say the warm color from the sky is the most pretty and interesting point of the picture, which made the picture vivid.

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