Exercise 109 – Connor Achziger

Original Photo by Nick Kane on Unsplash

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  1. This album cover is making me miss going to concerts! The colors catch my eye and the energy of the crowd makes me want to buy the album so I can listen too. 🙂 Love it.

  2. This is very impressive. In fact, many bands use their performances as album covers, and I have seen that font a lot in other albums. You look observant. The hand in the middle of the picture makes the album cover more realistic and focused. It is awesome.

  3. I love Tame Imapala! I saw them live at Coachella last year and it was a dream, I miss concerts 🙁 Good job on using bright colors!

  4. This album cover is well done. The bright colors and the font make it seem like a real album. Well done.

  5. Hello Connor,

    I, too share in the opinion that this album cover you’ve made feels very convincing, and wouldn’t seem out of place at all amongst a sampling of real albums. I think the composition and colors are especially effective, and that the font you chose also went a long way towards completing the look. Well done!

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