Exercise 109 – Daniel Chavez

I took inspiration from one of my favorite bands, muse. Although the artwork on their albums is very complex in design, the general message is quite simple. The message on this album's cover is about a journey. The lettering in "journey in the red car" has been warped to give the feeling of "driving around". The car has been placed on top of a road in San Fransisco with me on the other side of the car. I thought putting myself on the other side would be better than in front because I did not want to take much attention from the car, after all, the name of the album talks about the red car.

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  1. I love Muse. I like the car choice and wonder if there could have been a way to make it look more like it was parked right there in the background scene. If it was perhaps back along the curb and under the light from the building, you could place yourself on the sidewalk looking like you’re about to get into the car. Anyway, nice selection of image elements and use of text warping to invoke driving around.

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