Exercise 109. Elaine Eterosa

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  1. I like this photo and your choice of font to compliment it. The soft photo makes me think the music will be on the softer side, but then I see the parental advisory stamp and I’m rethinking my assumption. I was looking for the album name to give me more of a hint.

  2. I like how the image is black and white it give it a type of mood and as well goes with the font and the over all style of the picture. Really good work!

  3. I think this photo quality is really nice because it is very clear to see, and the focus is on the eyelash and the rest parts look blurry. I also like the font ‘lash’ as it looks stylish.

  4. I think the up-close image is very clear and detailed, the font and title used for the cover both go well together!

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