Exercise 109 – Ethan Svuba

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  1. Distorting the image makes the album cover seem more fluid and exciting to look at. It looks very professional because of the font styles chosen, where the text boxes were placed, and the enhancements done to the image.

  2. It is so good that you chose a blurred image as a frame and put a same image in the center. It is very professional and amazing that the style that you made.

  3. This album cover looks really legit because of the style and the font. Furthermore the way everything looks makes it seem like you’re looking at it from underwater.

  4. Looks like a professional album cover, really well done. The font, color scheme, and the way you framed the photo are all very creative design ideas.

  5. It looks like an actual album cover. I enjoy to see the distorted image which looks like water surface reflecting the building.

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