Exercise 109 – Homan Wong

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  1. The album cover is really good. The single tree contrasts well with the darker background and creates a sort of lonely and desolate atmosphere. My only issue is the parental advisory sticker is right on the edge. It should be shifted a little bit more to the left and then upward.

  2. I really like this cover. It is minimalistic and brings an accent to the artist’s name and the album title. The color scheme is calming and uniform.

  3. Very nice album! Very simple and minimalist, easy to read and understand the meaning of it. The use of colors is very supple and soft.

  4. I like this album cover. It’s neat and simple. I like the tree in the middle with the bird flying in the background and the colors give out a chill and lonely vibe to it.

  5. The Normcore words’ style just perfectly match the scenery. It is a pretty clean and bleak. I like it so much.

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