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  1. Purple stars and delayed photography of the star orbit.This combination undoubtedly expresses an incomparable sense of mystery and a little romance.In the work of 109, I think such font choice is very appropriate.Express the title of the album without losing the overall feeling for the picture.Great job!

  2. This is really well done. It has a great vibe and totally spikes my interest. It’s very calm and soothing but catches your attention with the vivid purple. The font really represents the ruggedness of the artist. It’s very artistic and looks like a professional album cover. Simple but stylish.

  3. Love love love Juice and this album cover! It truly looks like I could scroll down YouTube right now and find this posted. This really captures his style with the font, natural landscape in the background, and the purple and white stars in the sky without adding too much of the crazy artwork and edits in his covers. I believe the sky is a great nod to the many animated music videos of his.

  4. It is a simple but very modernized design. Like how you use the simple lines to create the “motion” for this album cover. Your choice of text style also matched very well in your design.

  5. Great font it is definitely juice worthy. I also enjoyed how much purple is in the image and the dark mountains to remind you where you are.

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