Exercise 110 – Wei Chin

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  1. Great word art! It’s very colorful and bright it reminiscent of the colors of smarties candy. I also like the added border line forms to enclose your words it adds another layer of visual elements helps lead the eye to the different words.

  2. The black lines signaling a border really makes the colorful words inside pop. Using different fonts and colors for the words makes it visually pleasing.

  3. i love how you put the black lines in different size and in heavy to light and long to short lines, it really made the words and the color pop even more.

  4. The variety of color and the contrasting black lines really makes your word art emerge and stand out. I also like how you made sure every sport had their color and the topic of the word art is only black. A simple trick yet so effective!

  5. I really liked the black borders, really creative way of using a line as a border. I would recommend increasing the size of the font as well for the smaller words. Awesome work!

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