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  1. I really appreciate the concise and direct layout of your work. The contrast between the words and background is strong and natural, which formed a visual impact so that it can easily catch people’s eyes. Great job!

  2. Nice work. The background color attracted my attention, and the font style also really stylish. Moreover, your diagonal composition is well developed and neat. It is really impressive.

  3. I really like this! The color combo and the font are aesthetically pleasing and give off 70’s vibes. Great job!

  4. Eye-catching color and typeface choice. I like the slanted text and the scale you chose for the text. Great job in keeping it simple and clean.

  5. I like your composition and how you combine the phrases. I love the idea of crossing the phrases parallel to each other as well as your negative space and positive space usages.

  6. I really like the combination of the font and the background color. It really catches my eye. Overall, very nice poster!

  7. Definitely reminds me of Bauhaus Poster! I love the color scheme and the hierarchy of the texts. Overall such a great and simple composition!

  8. You have such a strong ability on design poster, and your design kinda reminds me of Bauhaus Poster.

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