Exercise 111 – Alliah Maneclang

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  1. I like that you made those buildings like shape at the end of the picture! I bet you must have spent a lot of time on that! You might want to change the color of your words in the subtitle so it is easier to read. Overall, it is very good!

  2. I like your composition of postcard. I could feel your delicate touches on your building and house shape, and the overall green color tone of yours maintain the uniformity. Also, your pictures is enough to represent the architecture major.

  3. This looks amazing! I love how you got the ends of your pictures to look like buildings and the composition overall was definitely well thought out.

  4. I really like you design! I think that you did a great work! I like the images that you used and I like that design you made with the house at the end of the picture that really nice and makes your design standout

  5. I really like your poster. Especially, I like the photo flames which include shape of architectures. Also, it looks very sophisticated as there are only two main colors. Overall, very nice poster!

  6. I really like your design, especially the graphics used to fade into each heading. The fading is nice just a little too light but very creative and eye-catching. Great job!!

  7. Like this poster so much! I am so appreciated about it that the poster is so clear even the content has filled the poster. I guess it is your color scheme make it. Green, White, and grey make the poster clear. Also, I like the way you process the image placed in the poster. Are they post-precessed by PhotoShop?

  8. This is such a cool poster. I love the way you embedded images into the shapes of buildings. The organization of the poster is clean and everything is clear and easy to read.

  9. Nice job on the design overall. I think you could improve upon the design by changing the angle text and/or the category text. It feel to me that it doesn’t flow smoothly with the buildings on the sides.

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