Exercise 111 – Cecilia Ip

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  1. It is a work that embodies the characteristics of postcard. You really seem to understand about layout and alignment, and your composition of text frames add more realistic. Great work.

  2. I like that you used three different images and made sure they didn’t clash with each other. I also think it was smart to include a scan since we see such techniques more often on posters now in the public world.

  3. You really did a great job. I like your design especially your images how they all connect each other. I as well like how the image grabs your attention and pulls you to the information.

  4. I really like your idea to put QR code in the poster. It looks very realistic! Also, I like the architecture you chose. Very nice work!

  5. like how you used three different images on top of each other and it was smart to include the scan.

  6. The different layers and contrasts are really interesting to look at and it is overall well done

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