Exercise 111 – Ignacio Piqueras

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  1. The division of the description and the images was done well. I like how the composition of the photos go along with the triangular shape, it provides a more geometric design.

  2. It looks very interesting that the title of the poster is on the diagonal line of the poster which matches with the triangles on the right.

  3. I kept trying to find a good picture of a drafter’s triangle to use in my design, but gave up. I see you created one and divided it into three sections to house three pictures. It’s great. I particularly like your color selections and placement. I noticed the text in the first column has some big spaces. I’m wondering if justifying the text may have eliminated these? Overall I really like your design!

  4. I really like the composition of this poster. the green triangle part reminds me of the letter A which stands for architecture.

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