Exercise 111-Jhonatan Zamora

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  1. I like you layout, although I think the top half looks slightly uneven with the amount of white space left below the DVC logo. I really like your use of the house plan in the top right corner.

  2. The layout of this postcard is really well made. I would like to see the DVC logo be more centered in the empty space on the left. That would definitely bring this postcard on another level. I also like the example of the house and its many viewing angles. It adds to the visual information aspect of the card.

  3. The main title in the middle looks so good, and the triangle shape of the image under fits really well. I think it might help to even out the empty white space by moving the DVC logo to center it in the blank area. Also, it would look more professional if you capitalized the first letters in the bottom right section to make each line look like this: “Associate in Science Degree – Architecture Design.”

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