Exercise 112

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  1. Hello Michael,
    Really nice job in utilizing a lot of the fonts and icons. However, I would be mindful of the how much font and the diversity of fonts. Currently, your cover is reading really scattered and there isn’t an overall theme, notice how you use 3 very different fonts on the cover but on your table of contents you have 2. Another comment I want to make is that less is more, observe how your cover is almost the opposite in appearance with your more sophisticated ‘Project’ page.
    Overall, I think that you have a pretty solid start on this assignment and have a lot to work on and approve by the end of the semester.

  2. I generally like where your portfolio, however I do have a couple issues. Primarily, there are too many different fonts that makes it distracting to the viewer. There also seems to be no strong flow but that could just be the images uploaded. Overall I like where this is going and it seems to have promise!

  3. Hello Michael,
    Are you ready for a job interview? Cause if you keep going on this direction your portfolio will open doors for you in the future. however that being said I have a couple of suggestions for you: Stick with one or two fonts styles because that will scream consistence for you, the second one: Less is definitely more. Good luck to you and great job!

  4. Really great job with this project. it seems like your already done and we haven’t even finished the year

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