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  1. I love that you took the time to write a little intro about how you got into photography. The pictures are very pleasing to the eye and I like the layout that you set up.

  2. I like your overall layout. It is simple but nice. The large photo at the left and the small photos at the right with text are really in balance.

  3. This a great first draft of your portfolio! Like the others said, the overall layout is clean and cohesive. I love the variety of font and play with letter case as well as the series of small picture that show step by step how you adjusted and enhanced the image. It’s a great alternative to listing it and the person looking through your portfolio can do it much more efficiently.

  4. It is very nice to write something to introduce yourself – how you get into photograph. The overall layout is balanced, and the arrays on the right showing how you changed the color also a good demonstration,

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