Exercise 113- Mary Pinpin


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  1. It’s so it’s so awesome. It’s so awesome.
    I love your layout, there is a hierarchy of color. (Black in the font and Grey at the back) . For the “Transfer Program” title, you made good use of the building which i very successful and i like it very much.
    It’s so it’s so awesome. It’s so awesome.

  2. Well done! I really like the grey in your poster as it shows the perspective and hierarchy with tones of color. Moreover, the design is simple but elegant.

  3. Your poster demonstrates the different levels of Text by the use of size, color, and text type. That overall gives it a clean and cohesive flow. I also liked how you used the image in order to format the poster layout.

  4. Great work! It looks clean and I love the layout. Your font choice is nice too, it was a great choice to use different color for dark parts.

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