Exercise 113 Ruiheng Li


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  1. I think your background color is matched with the color of letters. so it’s easy to focus on yellow letters.

  2. Very good choice of font type as well as good color combination. Also good dynamic balance of text and graphic.

  3. Your poster catches my attention because there is a great contrast between the yellow and black color. Great use of font and the key words pop out from the background. The layout of the poster is very cool and comfortable to viewers’ eyes. Great job!

  4. The poster layout is really nice. The yellow font really stands out with the background. Also, the proportion and the sizes of fonts make the poster easy to read.

  5. This is an exemplary flyer! It’s so simple yet complex, well done indeed. All I’d say is next time find a photo with a higher resolution.

  6. The dynamic background and the angles that you used are very captivating. I also liked how you used different color and text strength in order to highlight subjects matters.

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