Exercise 113 – Zhenyu Xu


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  1. It is good and neat.. However, it will be much better if you remove the “Diablo Valley College”

  2. This looks it’s able to use for real! First time, the letter of DVC caught my eyes, and the contents are very clear to understand. All the information is needed is on there… Just perfect and it’s good to go.

  3. I like all the thing, the character style, the picture you choose, the proportion of the picture and paragraph….all of these are did well, but the letter of DVC may be over decorated!

  4. This is a great use of the grid and typography however I agree with the other comments, the “diablo valley college” inside DVC numbs the effect. Otherwise it’s a great layout.

  5. not quiet sure about the decorative “diablo valley college” I think it’s a bit distracting. also, you spelled “diablo” wrong

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