Exercise 114

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  1. I like the geometry of the logo, I think you should try it without the black borders and just have the squares intersect through negative space. I also think that a more geometric font would compliment the graphics more effectively than the one that you chose.

  2. I think the font doe not match the geometry. Keep the san serif but maybe take out the italics… Also is it supposed to be vague as to what JS Means? The logo does not define it. If I did not know your name, I would be confused.

  3. It is nice to put rectangles. They make your logo simple but not boring. It looks alike modern art.

  4. I like he arrangement of your logo it looks like something inspired by Piet Mondrain’s artwork, but I agree what is your logo for it has to stand for something and depending what its meant for it might not be the right logo.

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