Exercise 114 – Alliah Maneclang

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  1. Great job in a variety of styles! I especially like the black and white logo it’s striking, very original.

  2. Amazing job! I loved how you have 3 different variants of the same logo. I like them all to be honest.

  3. I like your design, it’s very simple and distinctive. It’s an architect logo so it’s shaped like a house, which is very cool. Both the black and white backgrounds look very good.

  4. Amazing work you did. You even did three different works for this exercise. I would say the black and white one is the best one of the three works. I like the simple but strong contrast of the color.

  5. Amazing work! This is super creative and original and I like how all of the letters are condensed under one roof. I also like how you included other color ways, the green one is fantastic. Great job!

  6. Really nice work! I like that you gave different options of style for your logo. I think that it is very creative and looks very professional.

  7. I really like your design. I especially like that your logo has various color version. It really looks like a professional logo.

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