Exercise 114 – Ekaterina Svetlysheva

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  1. This logo really pops! I love how you are consistent with the font and background with it’s dynamic angles. The use of the primary colors make this an eye catching logo.

  2. I like the colors and polka dots you used in this logo it helped grabbed my attention. The white space between the letters and colors is a good choice it helps separate the letters.

  3. I like the use of colors and black and white in you logo because it played really well. I like that you picked black for your name because it helps to make your name pop up. The polka dots work well with the logo as well because it adds variety to the design.

  4. I think the style choice for your logo is very interesting and unique! I really like the overall ideas of the colors and shapes, along with the word placement and font you decided to use. Along with good composition, the angles of the letters and the artistic aspects of your logo were very eccentric and appealing.

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