Exercise 114 – Jarron Ho

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  1. You definitely got a nice clean logo, interesting concept you got with the geometric design on the green logo, but the lines are a little too faint to see whats happening easily.

  2. The way you combined what I think is the “J” and “H” letters are nicely done. I like how you cut off part of the “J” and made a gap between the two letters. Great job!

  3. I like the last one best. It’s very clean and refreshing. I think the logo is very suitable for the background.

  4. Your design is very interesting and creative. I like the black and whiter version better. The green color version – the color contrast is somewhat too little to read.

  5. This logo grabbed my attention with how the J and the H are cut together and the black and white version was very well executed and looks clean.

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