Exercise 114 – Kaye Azucenas

By Kaye Azucenas

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  1. Your logo is so cool, love how the letters are hidden into basic shapes, its very effective to use your initials, while also having graphics. So well done!

  2. While looking at the over view of everyone’s work yours definitely popped out the most. It has a very clean and well thought out design that uses your initials to make a complete logo. Great job!

  3. Incredibly recognizable and creative. I like how I can keep looking at it and expect to find another hidden letter or some other secret hidden within.

  4. I really like the overall layout of your logo, I think it’s really aesthetic and has good compositional factors. How the K and the A are two different colors and connect so easily make the overall logo appear very nice!!

  5. I love the use of red and black on your logo. It is so clever to design the logo with the idea of positive and negative shapes. Very excellent job!

  6. I like logos that are based on initials. Creating a graphic with initials is very good choice too. Keep trying with different colors (gray instead of black and darker reds). You will be surprised with the outcome.

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