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  1. Nice colours. Bending the curve into “Chan” makes it interesting and unique, which is so different from others. It’s great that you can manage to think of this logo within a short time.

  2. I like how unique the logo is, it has a lot of curves and isn’t rigid like others. I like the variety of colors and how it is inverted in the second logo.

  3. I really like your logo especially the one on the top, its eye catches but still can see your name very clearly.

  4. I like how you used both the negative space logo and the line logo differently, as each can be used in different locations/have different uses

  5. I really like the color gradient and font you created for your logo. I think you created such an aesthetic and unique logo, how all the colors flow into one another and how you made the words stand out and then had the font colored was such a good idea.

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