Exercise 114 – Sharon Lopez

By SharonSharon on Twitter

Hi, I’m Sharon, and I am an Architectural Design student. Since little, I’ve enjoyed creating living spaces look great. After dedicating many years to raise my children, I decided to return to school. I am eager to learn about this wonderful career and make my family proud.

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  1. This logo is cool. The letter L with a white stripe behind the silvery S stands out. It looks like a logo with S and L blending well with the dark background.

  2. I like how clean your logo design looks. I think the dark shadow in the silver S was a great idea it really makes it pop, it gives the illusion of a curvature on that side. Great job!

  3. this logo looks like it was worked with more focus and attention that it came out so good. love the color combination and that you put your full name under your initials. good job!

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