EXERCISE 114- Teesha B

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  1. Really Like this one. Reminds of a logo that belongs to a classy restaurant where you have to book in advance. This has a luxury elegant feel to it.

  2. Nice job on the bird! I the simplicity of the logo. I could see this logo fit in a bunch of company’s cause its not really specified to a certain niche.

  3. I really like the logo. It looks clean, elegant and I think you did a really cool design. I also think you did a great job choosing the font. Everything works together!

  4. Your logo is really creative! It’s very elegant and simple which is perfect for a logo. Good job!

  5. Agree with the other comments about the effective simplicity and versatility of this design. I could see it hanging outside a restaurant along a pier. Or the entrance to a yacht club…

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