Exercise 116 – Angelica Dudley

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  1. Hi Angelica. I love how there is a transition of colour in the gradient. It makes the illustration look more dramatic.

  2. I remember covering this building in Arch120. This idea of having a cross-like hole built in the wall was an interesting addition to the church hall. Your representation of the light coming through the wall is great and I think drawing the rays of the light as well would have been a nice touch to it as well. Also, I never knew how you would enter the building until I saw your diagram. I find the entrance and exit of the hall to be a bit crowded in terms of traffic flow, however, it may look smaller because of the scaled diagram. Great work!

  3. It looks very holy because the light comes in through the cross. In particular, it seems to make the light more holy when the light spreads out more from the four directions at the end of the cross.

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