Exercise 119 – Andrew Ahn

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  1. I really enjoy your floor plan. I like how you put the fireplace in middle of the living and dining room. Overall, very interesting floor plan.

  2. I like your floor plan! It’s different from most others as it takes a more unique shape than just a simple rectangle.

  3. Great use of line weights! It really made the overall plan look better. The flow is also nice, I can distinguish which room it is and it’s also very organized. Good job!

  4. Overall, I think the rooms are well-placed! Maybe you could try to place your entrance door somewhere else because it might be a bit strange to see a wall when you open the door.

  5. Good line weights, makes one understand the floor plan much better. The front door just a bit awkwardly located, since you would have to pass the bedrooms and bathroom to get to the kitchen, I am sure it can be switch to the living room maybe 😉

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