Exercise 119 – Ekaterina Svetlysheva

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  1. The shape of the cabin is very unique and interesting. I like the layout of the space, it works well. The two outdoor space is a nice addition.

  2. At first glance, the layout of your cabin is very unique and while looking into it I found I really like the order you chose in which to place the rooms. The only things I would think about changing or improving on would be opening up the kitchen more towards the living room, and maybe thinking about windows on the east side of the cabin as there is a great view of the rock wall face!

  3. Very interesting layout and shape of the cabin. You did a good job hatching and the placement of furniture works well. I think the circulation is good, but a way of improving that is maybe opening the kitchen area maybe making two ways to enter. I also like how each room has their own outside area.

  4. Incredibly detailed, and if I am to assume that the top of the page is North, then the shape of the building allows for very nice lighting and views.

  5. Incredible details. Hatching the wall gives a smaller contrast between the wall and the rooms. Nice variety of patterns. As always, wonderful works!

  6. I like the way how you use shadow to divide spaces. Besides, your design is very neat and clean which gives people a good impression. The details are done perfectly.

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