Exercise 119 – Ryan Eng

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  1. Thick wall and different hatches make it easy to understand where each room is. One advice I can say is erasing topographical line inside the house with scissors command.

  2. I really like the design as it looks very organized and it looks very simple and neat. Overall it is a good start.

  3. I really like this layout at home is a good job. Everything looks functional and comfortable. I see that you have spent enough time to think through all the details in this house. I also liked the idea with large panoramic windows in the dining area.

  4. Thomas Baumgartner

    I appreciate the different textures for each room of the cabin. I have been in homes before with an almost identical layout, good job!

  5. The different textures make all the separate spaces very distinguishable and the layout is very clear to understand and organized.

  6. I like the layout of the rooms they are separated by the bathroom and i am a fan of that, I did that on my design as well, good job.

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