Exercise 119~Letty Serujo

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I returned to school a year ago, after running my own interior design business for over 25 years. I decided to work towards my credentials in Architecture design, which feels like a natural progression. I enjoy meeting new people who are passionate and have similar interests. My ambition is to earn a bachelor’s degree in Architecture design. I would like to work for a firm where I can learn as much as I can in residential, small commercial, and possibly landscape architectural design.

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  1. Very nice design, Letty. Good choice of models that are easily interpreted, too. Only change I would make (from personal experience) is to switch the swing on the bathroom door to make the sink more accessible. Love the space saving pocket doors as well!

  2. I really like your floor plan it looks super spacious and really well put together. I was wondering though, where is the toilet?

  3. I like how you organized the blocks and how you used the spaces very well. but I think you are missing the toilet! good job overall.

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