Exercise 120 – Brenda Hernandez-Diaz

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By Brenda Hernandez-Diaz

Hi, My name is Brenda Hernandez-Diaz. I have a background in Art and Sculpture in both CCSF and SFSU. I am currently studying at Diablo Valley College. My Associate of Science in Architectural Design degree is anticipated Spring 2021. And a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture at UC Berkeley to follow. I enjoy brainstorming, and pondering new and old ideas. I treasure being outdoors, walking, hiking, and bike riding. I appreciate design, balance, and mindfulness.

Comments (3)

  1. The exterior looks clean and lifelike, and the house overall looks like a cozy place to live in.

  2. Windows on the house look great. the structure of the house and the hatching makes me remind me of reused/ recycled cargo ship containers. ( I forgot what they were called)

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