Exercise 122

By Zoraida

Hello, My name is Zoraida and I am studying architecture on the side. I am in construction and have been intrigued by the process which leads me to where I am.

Comments (4)

  1. Great job, Zoraida! The line weights read clearly and the presentation is clean and professional. Since you saved the image as a PNG with transparency, it doesn’t read properly when viewed at full size on the website, so you might want to save another version as jpg or without transparent background.

  2. Nice job on the texturing and choice of line weights. Clear and easy to read as a small image, but agree with the previous post that it doesn’t work so well at full size. Something I need to be aware of as well, so the comment is appreciated!

  3. Great Job on your layout! Line weights are good and help identified the change of depths on the elevations as well as the hatches that are done very light yet still gives a good sense of the materials texture.

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