Exercise 122 – Alliah Maneclang

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  1. Your work looks good. It seems you have become very used to the live painting tool and layers, and the design of the overall gray-colored house seems to give a more modern feel compared to the bright color house. Also, the elevation view was well aligned, and I can see you using annotations properly. Nice job.

  2. I like the color you decided to use for your windows. The color choices you used for the plan is very unique and gives it an interesting look.

  3. Hello Alliah,

    I like the layout of your floorplan; in particular the small hallway that the guest room opens into. I also enjoy your choice of roof design, and wish I’d explored it as an option for my own cabin. Oh well! There’s always next time, right?

    Great job!

  4. I like how the dining room is in a sort of greenhouse area by itself, I bet eating breakfast there would be amazing

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