Exercise 122 – Brenda Hernandez-Diaz

By Brenda Hernandez-Diaz

Hi, My name is Brenda Hernandez-Diaz. I have a background in Art and Sculpture in both CCSF and SFSU. I am currently studying at Diablo Valley College. My Associate of Science in Architectural Design degree is anticipated Spring 2021. And a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture at UC Berkeley to follow. I enjoy brainstorming, and pondering new and old ideas. I treasure being outdoors, walking, hiking, and bike riding. I appreciate design, balance, and mindfulness.

Comments (5)

  1. I like how the multitude windows allow for the home to be illuminated brightly during the day time.

  2. Great job using line weights to show whats in front and whats behind. The exterior elevations are subtle and a clean layout. Great job

  3. Nice design, I like how the building’s structure is linear. The elevation looks pretty nice too. Good job emphasizing the line weights in your plans to show depths.

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