Exercise 122 – Thomas Black’s Yosemite Drawings

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  1. I really like the color choice for your building! also the images you chose looks great and gives a realistic view of Yosemite!

  2. I like the design of the house as it looks simple and the color of the house was also beautiful. it is very eye catching. well done.

  3. Hi Thomas! Very convincing the reflections on the windows of the surrounded area! Just on thing the reflection should be a little fade it so they do not look like mirrors. great job!

  4. Very nice house, I like the colors you have chosen and I also like what you added into the windows to give the viewer what kind of scenery the house is in.

  5. The different landscapes on each elevation create an interesting composition, maybe a little fade like Juan mentioned would make the images blend a little better with the building

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