EXERCISE 122 – William Marriott

A105 Final CabinA105 Final Cabin

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  1. I like the addition of materials, makes everything stand out more! I could tell that you paid attention to even the smaller details, such as the bedding pattern, good job!

  2. Very nice layout, the colors you chose are really relatable to a cabin. I like your floor plan as well, spaciously and clean.

  3. The colors stand out so vibrantly. I love that you added the textures to the stones and all other different materials to your cabin!

  4. I think that with the colors and hatching in your design it gives it a better clearer understanding of what you have in mind. As well as the colors bring out your cabin even more. Good job!

  5. You have a really cool design, I like how the entrance is on a corner of the house, it makes the space seem larger and more open.

  6. I love the cobblestone chimney, I’m a big sucker for those. The rest of the textures and colors are also great!

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