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  1. Really like all the textures you used! Great that you implemented the clouds on the windows, but they seem a bit large in scale.

  2. Love the textures that are used here. Using real life texture does give a sense of reality so you can research what actually materials you need. Nice job.

  3. The layout of your cabin is unique and interesting, I like it! I also like the dramatic reflection from the sky in your windows. Nice job!

  4. Hello Yitong,

    I, too really enjoy the surface textures you used for your structure and the layout of your floorplan. I might have mentioned this previously, but I really enjoy window-y hallways like the one you’ve designed. Good job!

  5. I really like the idea of a stone façade on your building and the amount of windows must let it be very naturally light

  6. Great feature to have all those windows to maximize the gorgeous view of the area site. I like your L shape floor plan. I think is done right
    I like the colors and textures that you added. Very well done!

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