Exercise 124- Delci Smith

I made some changes to my cabin as far as the roofing, since I realized that my elevations in AutoCad didn't quite look right in a 3D model perspective.

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  1. i like your 3D model design its very detailed. i would say that there are some line in the roof that could have been cleaned up but overall you did good job!

  2. Your cabin looks very complete. The roofs of the cabin are not monotonous and consist of various designs which make this cabin looks cool. Also, I like a lot of windows.

  3. Excellent cabin. Your cabin has the most detailed exterior layout I’ve seen. The patio build surrounding the cabin is a great addition making it a great viewing area of Yosemite.

  4. The front porch is a nice part of the design, it feels as though it connects the indoors to the outside, and vice versa, it invites the outside space to feel more enclosed and cozy such as the indoors would.

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