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  1. I like the color of the walls! The small circle room where you put dining table is so unique and looks cool!

  2. Alanis Velazquez

    I like how you added the detail of the material of the walls, it looks really good.

  3. Interior furniture looks great, very sleek. I love the imported windows and doors. Good detailed touch.

  4. Your house got meticulous details and is fully furnished. I like how much care you put in the interior of the house. Great job in doing it within a short time!

  5. Great interior design. I think if you placed the circle closer to the kitchen, the living room wouldn’t interfere and it would be a better flow.

  6. The three dimensional view of your cabin looks very beautiful. I liked your choice of wooden floors for bedrooms and carpet for dining/living rooms. The front door , front windows and wall colors are very good too.

  7. Excellent work!! I really like how you organized your interior and exterior plan.

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