Exercise 124 – Keying Li

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  1. Hello Keying, really good effect on the glass surfaces, I also like the wood texture of the walls. Very minimalistic but effective sense of space. Well done!

  2. Austin Braunberger

    Great model! I really like that glass wall it makes it look like a very elegant house

  3. The house looks simple. I like the house as it contains a lot of glass windows to let the sun coming through during the day.

  4. I had to come back and take a closer look at some of your previous work after seeing the assignment 106 completed. Good looking design from start to finish.

  5. hello, I hope you are staying safe and doing well. I like the glass part sticking out. It must have a good view. I want to be there.

  6. Its really interesting to see how your house develops further especially with the patio and balcony spaces.

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